10 Times a PCS Totally Rescued You

10 Times a PCS Totally Rescued You
 PCSing can be a total pain in the ass, but sometimes a change in scenery is the perfect way to rescue you from a totally messed up situation, especially self-inflicted ones.
10 Times a PCS Totally Rescued You

You Offended Your Neighbors

You: “I just don’t get how homeschool kids can ever be normal, am I right?!”

Your neighbor: “I find that my kids are fine.”

You: Shit. Cue you avoiding your neighbors ala PCS Survival…which one of you leaves the island first? All of a sudden, you’re praying for surprise orders to drop from the sky.


You Forgot Your Military Dependent ID So Many Times That the Gate Guards Won’t Let You Sign Yourself In Any More

PLEASE don’t call my wife again. I’ll just go sit at Starbucks until my ID reappears. <frantically searching through backpack> It’s gotta be in here somewhere.

Left ID Card Fb


You Burned Bridges at Your Workplace

You might just want to leave that one off your resume.


Your Kid Beat Up That Honor Student

Or the annoying kid. At this point, SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!


You Told the Wrong Person Your Political Platform

You thought you had it all under wraps.


You Created a Scene at a Local Restaurant

And despite the fact you never went back there again, you relive the experience every time you drive by.


Your Pet Became a Neighborhood Nuisance

There goes Snowball again…but that face though!


You Inadvertently (or Totally Advertently) Stirred the Pot and Created Unnecessary Drama

But I thought everybody knew about this?!


Whoops Meme



Everybody Knows You for the Wrong Reason

You know who you are. And so does everybody else now.


You Created a Scene at Your On-Base Medical Clinic

I don’t need to see an advocate, I need a freaking appointment. Now where’s my referral?!


Did we miss any? Has a PCSing or moving fixed a f@#$ up for you? Share your story in the comments!




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