Your MilSpouse Secrets … Revealed

Military spouses definitely know how to make military life look easy. We may be in tears on the phone, but we always leave our houses with smiles on our faces. We grin and nod when friends tell us to be thankful our service member’s deployment is for 6 months instead of 1 year. We keep silent even when the neighbor kid’s toys trickle into our yard.  While our husbands and wives fight for peace abroad, we work to keep the peace on the home front.

But we have our secrets.

Military Spouse Secret Confessions

Did your best kept secret make our list? Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to confess it. It’s safe with us at NextGen MilSpouse.

Best Kept Military Spouse Secrets

Sometimes we:

  • hate the military.  And we cry, scream, curse, vent, have a glass of wine and get over it.
  • look forward to a TDY.  Hellooo guiltless Netflix binge-watching.
  • don’t mind NOT being able to find a job.  Especially during a high-tempo assignment.  Or a one-year assignment.
  • need a deployment to help us remember how much we truly love our spouse.  Awwww! Who care’s that your undies don’t make it into the hamper?
  • feel awkward that first night they’re back from deployment. So much pressure!
  • don’t know our spouses’ friends first names. Who’s Nancy?  Oh, you mean Jameson?
  • “forget” how to do things to make our spouses feel useful, even though we can do it all.  That’s how you use the lawn mower?
  • don’t really mind living far away from our out, err, we mean in-laws.  Aww, we wish we lived closer, too!
  • know where all of our spouses’ uniform pieces are when they don’t.  Your belt is in the top-left drawer of your dresser.  I must’ve moved it after I wore it with my sundress.
  • wish our spouses knew how sexy they really look in their dress uniforms.  And wore them more often. Can’t you wear it out on date night?
  • wait for our spouses to leave to buy that new rug/piece of furniture/motherload of hair products.  You know they would’ve never agreed to it if they were home.
  • know how to totally transform ourselves/our house/our routine in a couple of months. Yes, Hon, we go to the gym every Saturday morning!
  • feed the children processed foods while our spouse is gone and then resume our hatred of said food upon their return.  Easy mac again, Dad?!

What are your best kept milspouse secrets? 


  1. My secret is that it really doesn’t faze me when people who aren’t affiliated with the military get upset about not seeing their significant others for a few days. Military families do not have some kind of monopoly on missing their loved ones when they’re gone. If someone is not used to the distance and time apart, a few days really does feel like a long time.

    • I totally agree! During our extended deployment we lived amongst a non-military population; my friends would always feel bad when they’d complain about their spouses business trips. Time away is hard on any parent shouldering the household alone — military or not!

  2. — really don’t mind traveling all the way back home for the holidays (across two time zones in a minivan trashed with fast food french fries) to make an “extra” stop 250 miles out of the way to see family who can’t manage to drive said mileage to come see US! (you know, ’cause what’s an extra 250 miles when you’ve already come across two time zones! p.s. need a vacation from the “vacation”!!)

  3. When he is deployed:
    ~Eating pie directly from the pan is just conservation of dishes.. less dishes, less water used, less energy used. I’m just doing my part to save the planet. 🙂

    ~Its not my husbands cologne/body spray I am spraying in the living room, and/or bedroom…. (its this new ultra cool air freshener i found.) ha ha


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