Milspouse Attorney Launches App For Minority Military Spouses


As a woman of color, I know all too well the feeling of not being able to walk into any random hair salon and get my hair done, or going to a new area where minorities are exactly that—the minority.

While everywhere should be welcoming or accommodating, in today’s climate it’s not always the case. Encompass that with the challenges of being a military family and moving just about anywhere, and you can find yourself feeling really alone, and hating your new duty station.

These are the realities that many military spouses of color deal with on a daily basis, that is discussed amongst ourselves, or never at all.

FindMe Mobile Helps Milspouses Of Color Feel Welcome

Attorney and Air Force milspouse Jennifer Brantley of the blog “More Than a Mrs.” understood these challenges herself. In 2019 she and her spouse were barely into a one-year assignment when they received unexpected orders to move overseas to the U.K. Jennifer had just found her bearings at her previous base, and now here she was across the ocean once again looking for ethnic hair stylists and local businesses where she wouldn’t feel out of place.


Not wanting other spouses of color to endure the same thing, Jennifer wanted to ensure that military spouses of color could find places that not only welcomed their money, but their presence.

With that in mind, she created and recently launched the “FindMe Mobile App“.

“FindMe Mobile is a directory and social network, specifically geared towards the minority and minority military community—but it’s an app that everyone can use.”


Some users may liken FindMe Mobile to a modern version of “Green Book”, an annual guidebook created during the 1930’s that helped black travelers find safe spaces to dine, lodge, shop, and more.

“I realized if I felt this way, others must too. So as I worked on the concept for FindMe Mobile, I also conducted market research. I culled social media groups, talked to individuals (vets, active duty, and milspouses alike), and found the experience was pretty much the same across the board”.

“There are so many things we can’t control, particularly with military life. But this, where we shop, how at home we feel, those are things that are within our reach. And now that’s even more so the case with FindMe Mobile.”, Brantley said.

The Lowdown On The App

FindMe Mobile is easy to use! Users have the opportunity to search their city (or a city of their choice). They can also find places in various categories such as hair, nail salons, restaurants, churches, and many other local businesses.

The app runs on community input meaning that there is nothing that has been randomly added. Every inclusion on the app has been vetted or visited by a user.

The app allows minority-owned businesses a chance to reach military consumers and encourages community connection with it’s “Get Social” & “Ask the Tribe” features which allow app users to connect.

“As the FindMe Mobile community grows, so does the directory. It’s important that users not only gain from it but also share their own knowledge by adding new businesses where they had a great experience. Connect. Collaborate. Communicate. It’s the FindMe way!”

Download FindMe Mobile here.



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