Military Spouses Who Work It: David Lucas, Senior Accountant

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MilSpouses Who Work It David Lucas, Senior Accountant

Name: David Lucas

Years as a military spouse: 10

Tell us your job title/profession: Senior Accountant

Is this full-time, part-time, hourly, contract or freelance work?


How long have you been working in this career field?

10 years

Do you work in an office, telecommute from home (or Starbucks) or a little bit of both?


How did you get this position? Was it a resume, referral, job fair? Spill your magic.

Lots and lots of interviews.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced while trying to maintain a career while living the military lifestyle?

Having to find a new job every time we move or the difficulty of finding one in an OCONUS position.

Tell us one thing you love about your job:

I love how transferrable the skills are and working with numbers.

Share your best life-hack for saving time or sanity during the work week:

Always take a break during the day out of my office and away from my desk to give my mind a chance to relax.

Do you and your spouse or partner split household tasks? How do you do it?

Usually I do all of the household tasks because even though I’m working she usually gets home later than I do.

If you have children, how do you and your spouse or partner split parenting responsibilities?

I assume most parenting responsibilities as she is already gone when the kid wakes up and is home after dinner is made.

Tell us one piece of tech you couldn’t live without:

Tablet to read

Favorite app for making the most of your day?

Kindle app

Must-have song on your productivity playlist:

Slipknot – Killpop

What is your No. 1 tip for a military spouse on the hunt for a job?

Get as many interviews as you can. And go into every job knowing you won’t be there long so use it as a way to further hone your skills.

In addition, try to avoid answering the “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” question with any reference to the military as this will just be held against you.

Are you a working military spouse? Do you want to share your career tips and tricks? Fill out the MilSpouses Who Work It Q&A today.



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