Claim Your Power, Military Spouses: You’ve Got This

rain feature socialI don’t know a more powerful group of rainmakers than today’s modern military spouses.

Rainmaker…”a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success” Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

As military spouses we’re constantly facing realities that pit us against time, geography, dreams, and goals.  We get tired of the constant adjusting and readjusting of our careers, relationships, and personal expectations.  We get tired of fighting to climb up the next rung of our career ladder.  We get tired of having to mentally rationalize that this crazy military thing is merely a temporary, albeit all-consuming, moment in time.  We get tired.  And then we get tired of being tired.

That’s why it’s so important that we realize that military spouses have the power to make it rain- solutions, success, control -in our own lives.

Even when we [military spouses] don’t think or feel like we’re in control, there’s always something, big or small, over which we have absolute and total control- even if it’s only how we choose to react to reality.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit a wall, both personally and professionally, where I just wanted to throw up my hands and walk away because I convinced myself that there was nothing NOTHING I could do to change my reality.  That I was stuck being a passenger in life.  That things weren’t going to get better and that nobody would ever hire me and that I would just have to settle for less than what I truly wanted. That THIS was just the way military life is.

I’m not gonna lie.  Those were some dark moments and sometimes the self-doubt still creeps up on me.

When your energy is low, when you feel like your life is uncomfortably out of your control, when you just want to lock yourself in a closet and scream – it’s the best 15 seconds of mental healing ever –  take a deep breath, walk over to your iPod, find your power anthem, and turn it up to 11.

As the music blares in your ears, close your eyes and envision yourself as power and strength embodied.  Let that strength flow through you from your feet and radiate out through the top of your head and fingertips.  Slowly open your eyes and think to yourself, “I’ve got this.”

Take a few more cleansing breaths, grab a fresh sheet of paper and  your favorite pen – you know you have one – and start writing down…

– all the things you DO have control over.

– possible solutions to the things you don’t have control over.

– the things you’re willing to let go, even if only in the short-term.

Once you have that list down then you hit problem solving mode.

You start taking incremental steps towards success.

You plan.

You plot.




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