Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Patrice J. Carter, Breakpoint Coaching and Speaking

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Patrice J. Carter, Breakpoint Coaching and Speaking

Editor’s Note: Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight is a monthly Q&A designed to celebrate the successes and acknowledge the challenges of a military spouse entrepreneur.

In the past, we have highlighted Julie Riggin of Julie Kay Design Studio, Lauren Nygard of Lauren Nygard Photography, Lindsey Germono of Germono Advertising Company, Amy Rowland of Play Across America, and Jessica Bartram of Fayetteville Hypnosis. This month, NextGen MilSpouse features Patrice J. Carter of Breakpoint Coaching and Speaking. 

drcarterName: Patrice J. Carter, PhD

Military Branch Affiliation: U.S. Army/U.S. Army Reserve

Years as a Military Spouse: 7

Business Name: Breakpoint Coaching and Speaking

Year Established: 2010

Tell us about your business: I am a certified professional life coach, speaker and author. I am a solutions oriented-transparent coach called to female executives and women in film and the media.

As a coach I work with female executives, public figures and celebrities clients who are struggling to “live out loud” as their truest selves and want to bring their life visions to pass.

I help them to develop, strengthen and empower their authentic selves in alignment with God’s plans and purpose so they are better equipped to bring Jesus into their workplaces and personal spaces.

What makes my services and me different from other executive coaches is that I invite the Holy Spirit into the process for more powerful results. This means that my clients experience a life mastery and vision that incorporates God into every aspect of their lives, resulting in authentic purpose and tremendous spiritual satisfaction and growth!

I specialize in speaking to women-led organizations and groups, college and university students and churches for the purpose of empowerment, business, personal excellence and leadership.

As an author, I have written and published “SUPERb Woman: From Bad Girl to God’s Girl.” A deconstructed view of the Proverbs 31 woman and a journey for all women to reach the life, self esteem and vision God has designed for them.

What’s your biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur so far?

My biggest lesson learned so far is that there is no “specific end state” and that being in business is a journey toward personal growth, success, failure, humility, grace and these things combined all equal success.

In the end, it’s about becoming my best self and empowering others through coaching, speaking and writing to become their best selves.

On managing work and life – is it all about blending or all about balancing? Why?

I am in business and ministry with my husband, Dalton who is a filmmaker. We have learned to keep business within the confines of our agreed upon business hours and to shut the business off when we are having family time or down time, so that we don’t experience burn out.

Additionally, we operate within our respective talents and skills so that we can work from an authentic space. Our son works with us in the business and serves in the ministry, so that all we do is a family affair.

We have agreed as a family unit that family nights are sacred and we don’t schedule anything during these times. This helps us to reconnect and rejuvenate so that we can stay strong as a family and not lose sight of what’s important.

Tell us the one thing that makes your dual-working military family successful?

My husband was discharged honorably as a disabled veteran. The things that make us successful as a dual-working military family is our love of God, shared goals, mutual respect and a desire to grow together and to support each other as individuals and a collective unit.

Military Spouse Entrpreneur Spotlight- Patrice J. Carter, Breakpoint Coaching and Speaking

Choose one: coffee, wine, water or soda?


Tell us one piece of tech you couldn’t live without:

My MAC Book Air

Favorite app?


Must-have song on your productivity playlist:

“All I Need Is You” by Hillsong United

Leave us with some wise words…

We MUST run our own race! It can be tempting to compare our lives, marriages, businesses, parenting, etc…on others and believe that we should be further ahead or have more money or more success.

The truth is, we have each been assigned a path and a journey that we have to master and embark on. Although there may be others on the path with us at times, overall, we must keep our head down, our hands on the plow and keep pressing forward and working our respective vineyards.


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