5 PCS Job Hunting Tips for Military Spouses (Sponsored by AT&T)

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Finding a new job with each move isn’t easy.  Isn’t moving to a new area stressful enough as it is without having to start a job hunt at the same time?  Most of us are trying figure out the answers to a lot of questions that have nothing to do with a job and everything to do with settling into your new assignment.

Where do you live?

What schools should your children attend?

Where is the nearest pizza place? (seriously, this question needs be answered within the first 24 hours, am i right?)

The list goes on…and on…and on.

Learning the ropes in a different town is tedious and time consuming too. You have to figure out where you’re going and what to do. I swear GPS was one of one of the best inventions for military families. It took away the guess work. Now, only if our careers had directional guidance, too!

Job hunting can get downright overwhelming for military spouses, especially during a PCS. We have so many other moving parts going on — that sometimes we put our careers on hold. There might not be a GPS device for our careers to keep us on track, but we can still help each other achieve success in the workforce by sharing personal experiences. We’re all in this together after all!

Here are five PCS job hunting tips for military spouses that are great guidelines for you as you start your job search at your new duty station!

5 PCS Job Hunting Tips for Military Spouses

1. Give yourself a headstart by doing some pre-PCS job research.

You should really begin researching before you move that way you can gauge the job market in your new area. Add “job research” on your PCS checklist now, so it doesn’t get lost among other tasks you need to do for your move.

On the move right now?  Check out how military spouses can PCS proof your career!

2. Once you arrive at your new duty station, hit the streets!

A lot of installations have job fairs/markets open to military spouses. They can offer jobs that are local to the area and tailored to your particular field. Going out can also help give you the confidence you need when you land an interview.

You’re not going to find a job from your couch! Find out how to get motivated on your next job hunt!

3. Have we mentioned networking before?

Seriously, do it. Networking is awesome. Other military spouses are our biggest asset — and we are all about helping each other. If you meet anybody in your travels or at a job fair that you find inspirational, keep in contact with them because you might never know what will come up in the future. Networking is a great way to keep yourself relevant with other people in your field.

Looking for an instant network of military spouse professionals? Make In Gear Career for Military Spouses your first stop! They have local chapters worldwide!

4. Surf through the amazing online resources geared to military spouses.

There are a ton of websites that are just for us! The Military Spouse Employment Network is a big one that lists a lot of open positions. You can find jobs that work well with the military lifestyle by accommodating frequent relocation. There are also certain companies out there that are military spouse friendly like AT&T that have special programs that offer flexibility.

Check out AT&T’s job portal for military spouses!

5. Don’t give up!

If you can’t get on the books for a company now, don’t lose hope. You can still gain valuable experience by freelancing, interning, or  volunteer work. That’s a great way to keep your resume full and skillset fresh. School can be another way to keep busy. Research military spouse degree options and a whole slew of programs will pop up too!

What are your job hunting tips for Military Spouses? We want to know! Tell us in the comments below!


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