When (and How) to Use the Military Spouse Bat Signal

When (and How) to Use the Military Spouse Bat Signal

I pride myself in being independent. I moved across the country for college when I was 18 and never looked back. I loved figuring out my new city and making new friends.

When I married my husband and the Army moved us to the other side of the country I was excited. I love the adventure of a new place. But once life settled in, there were times when that independence bites me in the butt.

Like when I got food poisoning and my husband was having those crazy 20-hour work days and I needed to rely on a new friend to bring me chicken noodle soup and Gatorade. Nothing says “hi be my friend” then answering your door in pajamas and really bad breath.

Or there was the time when I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with a friend because my husband was deployed at the time.

In both of these moments I thought about toughing it out. I could wait until my husband came home eventually when I was sick. I could watch Netflix on my anniversary. But in the end I am so grateful that my friends came to my rescue.

How did those friends know I needed help? I used the Military Spouse Bat Signal!

When (and How) to Use the Military Spouse Bat Signal

What is the Military Spouse Bat Signal?

The Military Spouse Bat Signal does not bring you Batman but instead brings you a rock star friend who knows just what you need in your time of need.

What you need could be coffee, food, medicine, a break or wine. It depends on the situation.

Why do you need this? Because while we juggle a lot every day and rock it – we all have those days when we need to raise that bat signal.

I’m 100% guilty of thinking that I can do it all on my own, especially when my husband is in the field, TDY or deployed, but in reality, I can’t, not everyday.

Because Murphy’s law will strike and that is when the bat signal is necessary.

But know that you can also use the bat signal for happy moments in your life because you’ve got to celebrate your victories.

When do you use the Military Spouse Bat Signal?

When you’re sick. Because you are out of Gatorade and saltine crackers and can’t leave your bed.

When your kids are sick. Because you need help picking up prescriptions, running to the doctor, getting groceries, and getting work done.

When your car breaks down. Navigating insurance, rental cars, and the body shop can be a lot, having someone to help you remember what’s next, or drive you to pick up your car, or sit with you while you wait can be just what the doctor ordered.

When you need a break. Dinner is definitely not getting cooked tonight – anyone want to grab dinner out? Bat signal time.

When you work a 60-hour week. You will need a glass of wine or a yoga buddy to help you relax after the work week from hell.

When the dishwasher, washing machine and toilet all break within days of each other. Murphy’s law will strike when your spouse is away (every.time.) and when it does you will need a partner in crime to help you get through it with moral support and maybe to let you use her washing machine.

When you’re having a bad day. Because you need to vent to someone.

When you’re homesick. That military spouse friend has been there too.

When you rocked that interview but they hired someone else. Time to commiserate because job hunting is THE WORST.

When you land your dream job. Time to celebrate!

When you have a baby. Someone needs to watch your older kids or help you with those breathing exercises. Or just bring you dinner when you get home.

When there is a family emergency. They will help you figure out logistics, lend a shoulder to cry on and just be there for whatever you need.

When it’s your birthday/anniversary/favorite holiday and your spouse is gone. Who better to celebrate with then your friends that have been there?

When you need a dinner buddy. Maybe your spouse is working late and you don’t want to eat alone. Maybe you just want a girls’ night out, whatever the reason put out that bat signal.

How do I use the Military Spouse Bat Signal?

Call them, text them, email them, send a snapchat. Whatever signal you use to get in touch with your friend, use that!

Need help from your unit? Get in touch with your Point of Contact or Key Caller, or FRG Leader to ask for their assistance. They are a great resource on the various organizations on base and in your local community that can be of assistance.

Sometimes you may have a friend that can just sense the bat signal, but not everybody can read minds, so know that it’s totally OK to ask for help. In those moments when you are down on your luck or need someone to celebrate with, put out the Military Spouse Bat Signal – we promise you’ll be thankful you did.

Have you used the Military Spouse Bat Signal? What did you use it for?



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