Military Discount – Don’t Vacation Without It!

beach-84631_640Ahhh… it’s that time of the year again. Spring and warmer weather is just around the corner! We all know what that means…send the kids outside to play! Spring and summer also usher in the season for vacations and numerous activities taking place in the areas we live. TV commercials for resorts and cruises look like a dream come true, but with the prices, they will continue to be a nice dream for many.

Don’t let cost keep you and your family from having a fun filled summer! Vacation Milfam style!  Each military branch has its own family programs division that is rich in entertainment, recreation, and travel activities for military families.

MWR/MCSS from Staycations to Vacations for Your Military Family

The Marine Corps’ MCCS and the Navy, Army, and Air Force’s MWR programs offer families and individuals a wide range of activities and support information. The sites have information about sports, fitness, base recreation activities, and resort hotels (yes please!).  On top of military branch websites, each military installation has its own MCCS or MWR website with specific activities for where you are located.

For example, Camp Lejeune has Onslow Beach where you can rent a cabin on the beach for 3 nights for less than a stay on local islands like Topsail and Emerald Isle. There are also equipment rentals, like kayaks, for when you feel like taking a mini adventure down the Intracoastal Waterway. And try this on for size…the Army base in San Antonio, TX is having a Jazz and Wine event (the wine part caught my attention from the very beginning!).  How cool is that?

I know there are stereotypes out there about base activities or military sponsored activities, but don’t knock ‘em til you try ‘em! You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. But if you want to have some family fun beyond base activities, you should check out the ITT office.

Make ITT Your Military Family’s First Stop Shop for Vacation Planning

ITT Tech? No! Information, Tickets and Travel offices offer discount tickets and travel for events, destinations, amusement parks, concerts, you name it! Before hitting the road for any type of trip, be sure to check with your ITT office for some money savings! Even if you don’t want to plan a big trip or take part in a group event, the staff can provide you with activities in the area for you and your family to do.

To locate an ITT office near you, you can use the following links: Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy.

Local Fun? Two Words: Military Discount

Military often receives free admission to museums, sometimes it is just the service member though. Hey, a few bucks saved is a few bucks saved! Sometimes they’ll let family members slide. When my husband and I visited the various museums in Chicago, they let me in with free admission as well.

Just because a location doesn’t advertise a military discount, don’t be afraid to ask! We’ve received tickets at the Senior Discount price because there wasn’t a specific military discount advertised.

  • Or if you are relatively close to a park, military also receives free entrance to National Parks.
  • Busch Gardens, Sea World, Water Country USA, and Adventure Island offer a one-time free admission to military families as well.
  • Then there are the always exciting discounted tickets and resort stays at Disney! See your ITT office for more information!

With all the money saving offers for military and countless activities offered at your local installation, I bet you and your family have no trouble keeping busy this summer… and keeping some of your hard earned money in the bank!

What other money saving resources do you know about for military members and their families?


  1. I always use the military discounts when traveling. I try to plan our vacations around military lodging to keep our costs down. I like to call all the military lodging that we have around the world our “Military Timeshare.”

    • “Military Timeshare”… I LOVE it!

  2. We aren’t going anywhere for Spring Break, but when we do travel we ALWAYS ask for the military discount. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the MVDC site! That’s great!

    Way to go Erica!


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