Military Community Resource Spotlight: Allied Shirts

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Allied Shirts

Editor’s Note: Our monthly Military Community Resource Spotlight is an Q&A that provides information about organizations who serve military spouses and their families. The purpose is to connect military spouses with available resources designed to help them thrive in military life. This month’s military community resource spotlight is Allied Shirts

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Allied Shirts

Organization’s Name: Allied Shirts

Year Established: 2012

What’s the mission of Allied Shirts?

Our vision is to empower expression around the world.

What services does your organization offer?

Custom printing for T-shirts, tanks and hoodies.

How does your organization specifically meet the needs of today’s military family?

The new Allied Shirts troops program provides free custom T-shirts to make supporting our military loved ones just that much easier.

As with the free banners program of our parent company, participants only cover the cost of shipping — we’ve got the rest.

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Allied Shirts

What does your organization do differently than any other military community organization or resource?

With the ability to customize these shirts, tanks, and hoodies to their preference, we allow for customers to really get creative when encouraging their friends or family members. They can support them by name, call out a specific branch and add any other personal twists.

These shirts aren’t just for homecomings; many customers wear them at military graduations, send-offs, and other special occasions to show a little extra love.

What is your most underutilized program/service?

The troops program is newer than our banner program and we’re excited to get the word out! These are fully customizable tees, so it’s a really fun way to show your support for homecomings, graduations, send-offs, special occasions, or everyday life.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your organization?

We have been a proud supporter of our military families since launching our Welcome Home Banner program in 2008. Since then we have given over $10M worth of banners to families welcoming their loved ones from deployment.

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Allied Shirts

For more information about Allied Shirts, connect with them on Facebook.

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