Military Appreciation Month: Why It Matters #ChevySalutes

“Support the troops!”

“God bless our military!”

“Thank you for your service!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these phrases over the past twelve – my gosh, twelve – years.  Sometimes I ask myself if these phrases are overused…lightly sprinkled into conversation about the military community because “it’s the right thing to say”.

Well, let’s be honest, it IS the right thing to say.

After enduring more than twelve years of constant engagement half a world away, saying thank you to our military servicemembers, veterans, retirees, and their families is the right thing to do. 

We are so proud to work with Chevrolet and MSB New Media on their #ChevySalutes campaign to take the time to thank our military servicemembers, past and present, and their families during Military Appreciation Month this May. We appreciate Chevrolet taking the time to salute our military community by acknowledging the strength and sacrifice that make America’s military families special.

What Chevrolet does goes far beyond Military Appreciation Month.  #ChevySalutes military families all year round by supporting programs like the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and Hiring Our Heroes initiatives.

America’s military community accounts for such a small fraction of our overall population and many of our civilian citizens aren’t as intimately aware of the ins and outs of being a military servicemember or military family member, for that matter. Military Appreciation Month provides all Americans, military and civilian, with an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices our service members have made and will continue to make in the name of peace and security.

It was Rebekah Sanderlin’s piece that hit the nail on the head when she said that “Military life is hard, and it’s hard for pretty much all of us, but it’s hard in different ways.” As military families it is so important that we show each other appreciation and support too.

Show us Your Heroes On Instagram Using #ChevySalutes and Win!

As part of the ChevySalutes campaign, we are encouraging all of you to share pictures or video of you showing your appreciation for our military servicemembers, veterans, and their families using #ChevySalutes.  Here’s just a few of our entries so far:

ChevySalutes Instagram

Show us your heroes! Post a photo or video on Instagram; tell us about your military hero using #ChevySalutes, and follow and tag @msbnewmedia for your chance to win of 3 cash prizes!  Feel free to share photos of military servicemembers, military spouses, milkids, vets, and retirees!

Did you know? During Military Appreciation Month, now all Veterans along with Active Duty, Reserves and Retirees are eligible for the Chevrolet Military Discount. Learn how you can save at!


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