Coast Guard Spouse Says Macy’s ‘Had My Back’ #MacysGives


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Blue Star Families. The opinions and text are all mine.

I love a positive military spouse employment story. Margaret Long has one such story.

Margaret is the store manager of Macy’s Lakeside in Metairie, Louisiana, near New Orleans.

There are a lot of things I could tell you about Margaret.

Let’s start with this fact – Margaret has worked for Macy’s for more than 30 years. Not impressed? Let me add in this tidbit – Margaret is a Coast Guard spouse.

Margaret started working at Macy’s in 1986 after her husband was transferred from Houston to New Orleans. A few years later her husband was assigned to a different city, so Margaret moved to a new location, but she didn’t leave Macy’s. She stayed with Macy’s and Macy’s stayed with her.

In some cases, like when her husband was sent to Mobile and Montgomery, Ala., there wasn’t a Macy’s store at those cities. But that didn’t stop Margaret from continuing her successful career in retail.

She got creative.

In one case that meant working remotely for an Arizona-based call center and in another case that meant living apart, commonly referred to as geobaching. Margaret said there are trade-offs when you have a career alongside your service member.

“I always had to balance my ambition with the commitment I made to my husband,” Margaret said.

Margaret climbed the corporate ladder one rung at a time, one city at a time.

“It was never a job. It was my career,” Margaret said.

Ask her about underemployment and Margaret didn’t face this common military spouse issue in her 20 years as a Coast Guard spouse. Her career at Macy’s was and still is a positive experience.

“They had my back,” Margaret said about her supervisors at Macy’s.

Her husband also had her back. He supported Margaret’s career in the same way that she supported his military service.

“We set the ground rules early in our marriage. I was never going to stop working,” Margaret said. “I needed my own identity, my own challenges.”

Margaret’s military spouse employment story is why NextGen MilSpouse is thrilled to be a partner in The Big Give Back, Macy’s philanthropic campaign that salutes those who serve.

The Big Give Back Supports Military Family and Veteran Organizations

From June 28 through July 8 Macy’s is asking shoppers to donate $3 to support three military nonprofit organizations: Blue Star Families, Team Rubicon, and Bunker Labs (100% of each donation will be split in three ways). When shoppers donate $3, they will receive a coupon for 25% off throughout the store.

Living overseas or at a military city that doesn’t have a Macy’s? You can add the $3 donation to your shopping bag at starting on June 28 then save big on a single purchase through July 8!

Donate $3 To Support Blue Star Families, Team Rubicon And Bunker Labs

Blue Star Families, Team Rubicon and Bunker Labs are three of our favorite military nonprofits organizations.

If you have an entrepreneur spirit then you want to connect with Bunker Labs. Bunker Labs provides educational programming, access to resources, and a thriving local network to help military veterans and their spouses start and grow businesses. Bunker Labs entrepreneurs have helped to create more than 1,500 jobs, including 301 jobs for veterans.

If you have a heart for volunteerism then you want to connect with Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon is the nation’s only disaster response organization whose volunteers are primarily comprised of veterans. The organization has a workforce for 80,000 highly-skilled volunteers. Since its inception in 2010, Team Rubicon has responded to more than 250 disasters domestically and internationally.

If you believe there is strength in numbers then you want to connect with Blue Star Families. Blue Star Families was founded by military spouses in 2009 to empower military families to thrive as they serve. Through a variety of programs and services, Blue Star Families has touched the lives of more than 1.5 million military family members around the world.

Super cool organizations, right?

Look for these military family members and military veteran name tag labels when shopping at Macy’s this week.

Blue Star Families Is Giving Away 55 Macy’s Gift Cards!

Blue Star Families earned bonus points with us because they are giving away 55 $100 gift cards as part of The Big Give Back.

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