Liberal Leaning Military Spouses Find Connection, Support In Facebook Groups

Liberal Leaning Military Spouses Find Connection, Support In Facebook Groups

Being a left-leaning military spouse can feel isolating. You’re adrift in a sea of conservative-minded peers.

Plus, our military community can sometimes feel like an echo chamber of GOP memes and conservative talking points.

It’s not that you don’t have friends. You do. They just might not quite think and feel the same as you when it comes to politics.

How I Survive Military Life As A Liberal
Here’s the truth: I have been a closet liberal and potential agnostic for years now. Read more about how I survive military life as a liberal here.

When you put yourself and your political ideas out there, many are quick to turn on you. On social media, liberals are prepped to be called a snowflake or worse. Memes abound showing just how weak or unpatriotic liberals, especially military-connected liberals, are perceived to be by conservatives. If you share your thoughts in person with a conservative friend, the same reactions happen. Just without the memes.

While finding supportive friends is possible, it might not always be probable. And even if you do find someone on the other side of the aisle who won’t outright bash your views, you will still disagree politically. It can be nice to find a group, online or in person, that shares your political values.

Liberal Leaning Military Spouses Can Turn To These 6 Facebook Groups For Community

Finding a group online can be a great way for liberal military spouses to connect virtually. These are spaces where liberals can share articles and opinions that reflect their way of political thinking. And it can happen without judgement or insulting memes.

If you’re looking for groups or pages that might offer support, check these out:

  • Homefront Progressives: this Facebook page is a grassroots movement in the military community.
  • Bright Blue Dots: Bright Blue Dots encourages liberals to “blue up” no matter where they are located. This is not a military-exclusive community. Bright Blue Dots strongly advocates voting and voter registration.
  • Moms Against Hate: a collection of parents who are actively working to create a better future for our children. This is not a military (or Mom) exclusive group. Check out a march or rally where you live!
  • Indivisible Guide: this liberal group offers opportunities for local meet-ups and events around the nation. Local chapters help with voter registration and community building opportunities. Go to a local event near you! This group is not military exclusive.
  • Drinking Liberally: a national network with local chapters and interest based sub-groups. There are local groups located in the United States and around the world! This international group is not military exclusive.
  • Progressive Military Spouses & Significant Others: specifically for military dependents and significant others who are seeking a tolerant space to discuss politically liberal ideas.

News Media and Networks with Liberal-Leaning Values

Sometimes, you need a more liberal spin on news stories. For a break to conservative thinking echo chambers, visit:

Liberal Leaning Military Spouses Find Connection, Support In Facebook Groups

It’s also important to support groups and organizations that reflect liberal values. Check out these Facebook pages and national movements that are working toward left-leaning policy goals:

Connect Online Or In Real Life?

It can be hard to connect in real life with liberal-leaning groups. Connecting in person can be even harder when you move every few years. That makes digital networks a great way to seek support.

It’s important to connect offline too. Use your virtual networks to join local communities! Attend a “live” event hosted by a virtual network. From marches and rallies to casual meet-ups, you can find a local group that suits your needs.

You might consider volunteering with a local or national campaign. Reach out to your local online networks for candidates near you. You could also search through the national Democratic party website. Unite America is a good starting point to find independent candidates and groups.

No matter what, it pays to follow politicians who share your views. Politicians often post videos, share information about town hall meetings and work to actively engage on social media. If you’ve got an urge to do more, reach out and offer to volunteer!

Most importantly, if there isn’t a group near you, start one. Liberal-leaning military spouses, you are not alone. Reach out and find each other.

If you’re a liberal-leaning military spouse, where have you found community and support?



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