Keep Romance from Being a Check in the Box

Romance (360x640)Whether you are single or married (with or without kids), there always seems to be a “to-do” list a mile long that keeps interfering with your love life.

For my husband and I we have had a laundry list of things keeping us busy…and not in the sense he would like “busy” to mean!

Over the last 3 years we muddled through recruiting duty, I was pregnant for nearly two years straight, we brought home our baby girl, and moved three times. There is no doubt that we love each other and we have supported each other nonstop, but when our 2 month old goes down for the night – so do I! I can’t wait for 8:30 to roll around. That begins the night time routine that will lead to my getting some much needed shut eye after cleaning up spit up and poopy diapers all day!

So when life takes over, here are some ways that you can still keep the love connection alive.

(I hope my husband doesn’t read this or he’ll tell me to follow my own advice!)

3 Ways To Keep Love from Being A Check in the Box

1. Small gestures go a long way
Go back to the days of dating when you were doing all that you could to keep and impress your love. Did you leave little love notes in places (like a lunch box) to brighten their day? Send random text messages to let them know they are on your mind? Go back to doing that! There’s no better way to bring the romance back then to go back to dating! Now if you have to write down on your “to-do” list send love message to husband then this one may not be for you. You just need to not try and get so much done in one day and breath!

2. Pillow talk
Take the time to actually talk with each other. Between a fussy baby, dinner being cleaned up, and cell phones we sometimes forget how to have an actual conversation. When children are asleep or entertained for even just 5 minutes, put the phones down and talk. It can be about anything that is on your mind, something about your day, something completely random… just good ole fashioned conversation. I call it “pillow talk” because typically the time right before bed is quiet time where you can snuggle up with your love and take a few minutes to connect and talk… or maybe do more than just talk!

3. Give in
Seriously, just quit fighting your partner’s advances and give in. Sure you’re exhausted and can barely keep your eyes open and that spit up stain on your shirt isn’t exactly making you feel attractive, but sometimes you just have to do it. It’s kind of like going to the gym… you know you need to exercise, you’re tired and don’t want to go, but once you get there and you’ve exercised you feel better! It’s the same concept when it comes to …uh… extracurricular activities.

Keeping the romance alive is sometimes easier said than done, but your partner is your love! Imagine where you would be without them by your side… probably not anywhere good. So suck it up and show them how much they mean to you!

When life seems to take over, what are some ways that you keep the love connection going?


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