June Theme: Brace Yourself Summer is Coming

2062540396_b907a1c5a1_bThe kids are getting out of school this month…what am I going to do now?

Didn’t they just go back? It feels as though the year is flying by and here we are already knocking at summer’s door. What am I going to do for an entire summer when school gets out? Occupying children 24/7 while keeping your sanity is challenging to say the least. You have to come up with fun and unique ways to capture children’s attention and imagination. It may be a break from school but it isn’t a break for you.

This month we want to focus on keeping the milspouse, not just sane, but happy and engaged with their family. The kids will want your undivided attention, of course, but you have to find ‘me time’. We’re here to help. It is OK to take a break, to take a breath for that matter. The famous saying, “nobody’s happy if mom isn’t happy” is absolutely  true.

We also want to help each milfam have a wonderful summer, whether the entire family is together or a parent is deployed. Time flies when you’re having fun and we have some great ideas to not only pass the time but to create wonderful memories. Are you planning on taking a vacation? Choosing the right type of vacation is important for family unity and you want everyone to have a good time. Your 3 year old might want to go to Lego Land but your 15 year old probably won’t want to spend 3 days with rug rats. Likewise your toddler will probably have a melt down if you keep him out all day and night missing nap time. You might find yourself needing a nap at that point. Everyone won’t always like every minute of an activity but finding enough common ground can make any vacation the best one yet.2277185356_d65b2a0f78_b

Making sure you don’t go broke trying to entertain your family for an entire summer should probably be at the top of your mental check list. Budgeting for vacation, summer camps, park passes and food is important. We have the scoop on saving money on vacation and free things to do with your family. Everyone loves free right? If it’s free, it’s for me.

Speaking of free, there are some holidays this month that bring freebies. Did I mention how much I like free things? Free donuts (or Doughnuts depending on where you come from) help my sanity. June 6th is National Donut Day. That’s right, free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts on Friday. You’re shaking your head at me aren’t you? Donuts are a weakness of mine. Free + donut = one happy mom…for me at least. That translates to happy kids too. What child doesn’t like donuts? If you have one of those oddities, I’m sorry. Go without them!3002186318_8d1ce725fc_z

Ok, enough about donuts. There are a ton of other free things and activities around this June. Keep your eye on NextGen MilSpouse; we have all the details you need to keep your sanity this summer and your family entertained.

Do you have a vacation planned this summer? Let us know how you’re keeping the summer fun.


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