June Blog Blotter: Awesome Round Up

june blog blotter

Military life brings with it unique experience, and I think we can all agree that all that comes with a deployment is probably the biggest thing we experience as military spouses that our friends in the civilian world will not is the dreaded D-word. Deployment. June is no different in that at any given time you or your friends could be going through the seemingly endless cycle of deployments.

From some dos and don’ts for predeployment on Tips from the Homefront blog, that awful wait before your spouse leaves, the roller coaster of emotions that start at “Don’t leave me!” to “Why are you still here, I just want you gone so we can get this over with.”

The Gypsy Wife is also dealing with predeployment and shares how she is going to survive this deployment by staying active and doing fun things with her kids.

And the World Traveling Military Family is almost done with a deployment!

But what happens if your spouse comes home from deployment and is not himself? June is PTSD awareness month and The Direction DIVA has some PTSD resources to share.

Another thing we share as military families is pride in our spouses for their sacrifices and remembering the sacrifices of others. A Boy A Girl and the Marine Corps shares her feelings on this very issue.

But in spite of all of this we are still husbands, wives and parents, and sometimes parenting can be scary, especially if your child gets diagnosed with a rare disease that is hard to pronounce, like Chaos Organized. And sometimes being a parent means waiting. For your second baby. Congrats ChambanaChik!

And you didn’t think we would forget Ketchup Gate, did you? Check out Jennifer’s 2 cents on this on her blog, To My Girlfriends. 




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