The Introvert’s Guide to Being Adventurous

Scarffed by kimrose via CC by 2.0.
Scarffed by kimrose via CC by 2.0.
Scarffed by kimrose via CC by 2.0.

I’m a classic introvert. I much prefer quiet nights at home with a movie or book than going out. No matter how I tried to break out of my introvert shell – even telling myself the next time we PCS’d I’d make more friends & be more adventurous – I just couldn’t fully emerge.

And that’s OK. You can be an introvert and still enjoy the adventures of military life. It just takes a little more effort.

Continue doing things you enjoy. Check out what’s available in your area.

  • Like to read? Hit up the local library and inquire about a book club.
  • Enjoy running? Find a running store that holds weekly social runs.

One of my favorite sites is – you can find just about anything on there and everyone is super welcoming to new members.

Research what’s unique in your area. Every single place has their own special draws – whether it be amusement parts, national monuments, museums or quirky tourist destinations.

Don’t be afraid to go off base and explore the surrounding areas. Make a list of places you’d like to see or things you’d like to do before you leave and then cross them off as you go! (PS – I do this with restaurants too! No more back-and-forth “where do you want to eat?” “I don’t care” conversations!)

Say yes … and follow through. One way to make sure you step out of your comfort zone is to make a pact to say “yes” to any invitation you can.

  • Invited to a baby shower? Say yes.
  • Invited to a yoga class? Yes.
  • Play date for the kids? Yes.
  • Lunch with coworker? Yes.

If it works within your schedule and budget, say yes. And then GO.

Maybe you’ll meet another introvert there and you two will become best friends!

Be open to possibilities. It’s very easy for us introverts to stay home, in our jammies, and never leave. But that can easily lead to anxiety, depression and frustration.

Force yourself to get out and do something out of YOUR ordinary. Channel your inner bubbly, extrovert for a day – you never know what good could come of it!

 Are you an introvert?  How do you force yourself outside your comfort zone?



  1. Great article! My husband is very introverted and I’m not buy I still feel myself waiting to hole up when we PCS


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