I QUIT! And I’m Taking The Company With Me! #LionLock

Continuing our conversation from last month about our gig as brand ambassadors for the super cool cloud based password management provided by LionLock, this month we’re talking about how playing fast and loose with your password security can put your business or organization at totally preventable and unnecessary risk.

lionlock security in flames

As part of maintaining a career while being military spouse, I’ve become a pretty seasoned telecommuter and as a consequence, much of my professional life exists online, in clouds, and has to be accessed by countless user ids and passwords.  I’ve worked for several small scale organizations that often shared a single log-on to access really sensitive materials, like master organizational documents, account numbers, and personnel files.  As someone who is fairly comfortable living in a virtual world but totally preoccupied with safety, I couldn’t help but envision the worse case scenario for sharing so much sensitive information behind one user id and password:

[quote]One person, given horrible, malicious motivation could take down the entire virtual infrastructure of my organization.[/quote]

Think of it as going postal 21st century style.  Scary, right?  Excuse me while I shiver.

Because of the nature of the virtual work environment beast, password management is crucial to safeguarding your company or organization’s very existence using. LionLock’s password management system creates peace of mind by creating a secure vault that stores all of your best kept Secrets in one place and gives you the freedom to share access with your team without having to write down or divulge your accounts’ passwords.

[quote]How LionLock Puts Your Security on Lock: By using AES-256 bit encryption  on all data/info and  SHA-512 hashing on all passwords, and providing you with a super powerful password generator to help you create complex passwords.[/quote]

Think about what happens when you change a password to an account that several people use.  Don’t you hate having to provide that password to each and every person who uses that account?  And how many of you are guilty of writing that same password and user id on a piece of paper or send it out via email? I know I’m guilty.

With LionLock, you go right into the vault, update your Secret’s password, and Bob’s Your Uncle (well, he’s technically my Godfather, but I digress), that Secret is automatically updated for all of your authorized users.

The best part about LionLock, other than it’s amazing security (can you say Amazon EC2 secure servers, girls and boys?), is that it offers freemium (free premium…love it…way better mashup than Kimye) accounts for users.  Go try it…you will love it!  I’m not lion.  What are you waiting for?  Take LionLock for a spin today!


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