Hurry Up and Wait

appointment-15979_1920Waiting is part of being a milspouse.

You don’t have to like it.

You don’t have to accept it.

You just have to deal with it.

There is a lot of waiting going on in my life right now and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there are some days I have a hard time just waiting. Not only do I like to control things, but worse than the waiting is the knowing that all of the waiting is going to end pretty much all at once.  As usual.

Are We Staying or Going?

My husband is on a 3 year recruiting duty stint which should end in January. At that point we should be happily (if you’ve been on Marine Corps recruiting duty, you understand the nightmare!) on our way back to the fleet and rejoin the milfam lifestyle.

But thanks to the sequester and new drawdown plans, you can’t move unless you have 2 years left on your contract. My DH will have exactly 1 year left.

So the powers that be are trying to get us an extension so we can have that extra year needed to have a move approved. When will we know about that? Who knows.

Add to that, DH came up for the SSgt promotion board. Out of 299 in his MOS who are on the board, only 100 will be promoted. 1 in 3 shot isn’t bad. When should we know? Around September? What does this affect? Our move off recruiting duty and if he’ll be able to do the full 20 or not. No biggie, just the determination point for the rest of his military career. But we have to wait and see, of course!

Counting the Weeks Until D-Day

Due date, that is. This little soccer player inside of me is expected to make her appearance in November; either on her own or by inducement. Yes, that is coming up soon, I realize this. Just 12 weeks to go!

Most expectant couples are out buying all the gadgets, supplies, and what not’s needed for bringing home baby. We did that last year, and what fun it was!

Only, we never got to bring home baby.

Everything has been sitting up in the nursery just the way my parents left it when they put away all the baby items we had out before we arrived home from the hospital empty-handed. We even still have some unwrapped gifts that haven’t been touched.

I could start going through everything, cleaning up and rearranging, but it won’t take long. And I still have 3 months to go! Plus, if we find out – at some point when the MC powers decide to tell us – that we’re moving, I would only have to pack up the nursery anyway.

So we stick to the usual military motto of, “hurry up and wait.” It will happen rather quickly. Promotion (perhaps) in September, baby in November (God willing), and moving in January.

So I wait. I wait to find out if we’re moving or staying. I wait to find out if hubby is getting promoted and will be able to do a full 20 years in the Corps. I wait for baby.

VERY impatiently I wait for baby.



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