How to Work Online as a Virtual Assistant & Hire a Virtual Assistant: Esther Inman

Curious about working online but not sure where to start? Looking for a side hustle while you build your business as a budding entrepreneur? Virtual assisting may be just the thing to get you launched into the online work world!
In this class, find out exactly what a “Virtual Assistant” is, what they do on a daily basis, and how much you can realistically make when you side hustle as a Virtual Assistant.
Plus, we go through what to do if you’re wanting to work online as a side hustle but have no experience and everything that you need, including all of our top resources, to help start your virtual career.
And soon, as work begins to pick up in YOUR business and you’re finding yourself exhausted by the admin tasks in your business, a Virtual Assistant may be the right first person to bring onto your team as a business owner!
In this class, you’ll also find out why hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you time and money as a busy and time-strapped entrepreneur.
We’ll dive into how to figure out what you can outsource to a VA, how to best work with a Virtual Assistant once you hire them as well as some of my personal tips on how to go about setting up the hiring process.

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About Esther Inman:
Esther is the CEO & Founder of the Virtual Assistant Internship, as well as a mom, digital nomad, and a fellow military spouse.
Esther quit her corporate America job over 5 years ago when she realized it wasn’t suitable for living a healthy and happy military wife and mom life. Instead, she ventured into the online world and started working from home as a virtual assistant. She found success quickly, and couldn’t believe that this simple, low entry-level virtual career was completely unknown to other military wives, moms, or travel and freedom seekers.
When her husband’s health took a turn for the worse through a head trauma-induced mental breakdown, Esther’s virtual business saved her and her son from homelessness and destitution and allowed them to move to Bali, Indonesia to truly embrace a work from anywhere lifestyle.
Since then, Esther has been running Virtual Assistant Internship (with her team of 10+ virtual freelancers), which now has over 2,000 happy and successful students that work online as VA’s.



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