How to Tell the Story of Your Travels by Incorporating Local Touches in Your Home Decor


nazar-amulet-64999_640I have been married to my husband for 16 years and the Army has given us some great opportunities to live in many amazing places.   Now that my husband is getting close to retirement, we are settling down and planting roots in a place that we will call home for the next 20 years.   My home tells our story:  who we are, where we’ve been, and what we loved when we lived there.

Fast forward 20-30 years and think about what your home’s story will be.

What will it say about your family?  Will it tell a story of all the places you have lived?

Will your home tell your family’s story?

It wasn’t until we moved to the DC area that I realized that it was time to start collecting unique mementos from each place we lived, something special from that particular duty station that was like no other and could only be bought locally.  I knew that when my husband retired, we would want our home to be filled with memories of our adventurous military life.

Decorating a home is more than just choosing a pretty picture for your bedroom, a stylish armoire for your television, or a colorful rug for your dining room. It’s about connections we have made throughout the years- maybe it’s an antique you bought with your best friend when living at Fort Stewart, Georgia or a piece of pottery you bought while stationed in Germany.   It’s something special that is unique to only you and your home.

Here’s a little bit of how I incorporated each move into our home’s storytelling decor…

  • When we lived in DC,  I  had a local artist sketch drawings of  important landmarks including the White House.
  • We moved to Korea and I bought unique furniture pieces throughout Asia including a drawing of a famous landmark, the Seoul Tower.
  • While living in Hawaii, I had local artists paint scenes of our favorite beaches.

Today my home is filled with local treasures that were purchased from places we lived.  These treasures will always remind us of where we lived and happy memories, including the friendships we made.  It’s a way to incorporate a piece of  time in our life in every home we live in.

christmas-market-68695_640Not Sure Where to go to Create Your Military Family’s Traveling Story through Home Decor?

If you haven’t already, visit your local artists in your area.  Have them paint or draw a picture of your favorite landmark.  If you are living overseas, make sure to visit local markets, shops, or vendors for a one of a kind piece of furniture.  Start collecting things to add to your home decor so one day your home will tell the story of your military life,  places you have lived, and memories that you have made along the way.


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