How To Be Flexible With Your Home Decor

Flexible is a word that we all know very well when it comes to our home and how we decorate our home.  It’s a word that screams don’t get too excited about the large house you are living in now because when you PCS, you’ll probably end up in a something cozier (read: tiny house)!

Or maybe you bought that beautiful piece of furniture because it fits that particular space in your current home-perfectly, only to move on and have no place to put it.  We’ve all been there.

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In the real world, a home is all about your things displayed just-so in your home.  These home decor items tell your story of who you are and where you’ve been.  However in the military world, some things just don’t seem to “go”  in each home we live in due to the size of a home, the layout of the home, or even because you are moving overseas and are limited on just how much household goods you can actually ship.

So, how can we be flexible when decorating our home?

That’s easy!  All you have to do is “think outside the box”.   Use furniture or home decor accessories in other ways than what it was made for.  I like to say this is how we “re-create” our homes with each move!  We may use the same stuff, but we find ways to use it differently!

Take a Flexible Approach to Window Treatments

napkin  CollageWe all know that the size and number of windows will vary in each home we live in.   If you are like me, you have learned an expensive lesson because you just had to have those custom curtains!

Well I’m here to tell you that tablecloths and flat bed sheets are perfect for window treatments , and these come in many different patterns and colors.

Even shower curtains make great window treatments! 

The best part is that these items are so much cheaper to buy than actual window treatments.  I’ve also seen place mats, dinner napkins, table runners, handkerchiefs, scarves, and ribbon used as window valances.  Basically anything that can be attached and hung can be a curtain.

Bookshelves: The Best Investment For Flexible Living

bookcaseA simple, inexpensive book-case is one of the best investments you can make for your home!

They are all about storage.

Small bookcases are the best and can be used in bathrooms to store towels and bathroom toiletries when there is no storage.   A book-case can be used as a pantry in a kitchen, a closet to store your shoes, or in playroom to store all of your child’s toys that are usually strewn all over the house.

However, make sure you drill brackets on the back to the wall for safety reasons; bookcases are known to fall over if they are climbed on.

Bookcases can always be spruced up to be a focal point in any room by painting, stenciling, or even adding wall paper to them.


Why think out of the box when decorating our home?  

Moving can end up costing a lot of money.  When we are flexible and think out of the box, we are able to save money, repurpose items, and allow our creativity to flow!  So next time you’re at a yard sale or thrift store, look for items that are flexible in use and are multipurpose when re-creating your next home!


  1. I think “Command Strips” love them because they let you temporarily decorate, I hate them b’c I think the strips are more expensive than I think they need to be. – We only retired last year and my PCSing memories are still fresh..

  2. There are many options when it comes to decorating. You can pick colors that can make your home more beautiful. From the walls to furniture to floor and garden, every part of your home needs to be taken into account while you decorate. You do not need to use an accessory on each part, but keep them in mind while making your plans.


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