How 10 Years of Facebook Revolutionized the Military Family Experience



It’s been ten years…TEN YEARS…a decade of Facebook.  Can you believe it?  According to my “this is your life”  montage courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team, (go grab some tissues and get yours here: Facebook Lookback), I’ve had a pretty awesome nine years as a Facebook user.

As I watched my montage while waiting in line at my favorite stellar coffee shop, I couldn’t help but think of all of the ways that Facebook and social media as a whole has revolutionized the military family experience.  Here’s just a few of them…

It made our already small world even smaller.  Kevin Bacon has nothing on military families.

It made deployments and separations a little more bearable.  When coms were up.

It forced our moms and dads to stay tuned into technology. Mo-om…don’t put that on my wall!

It helped us find friends before each PCS and keep the friends we have after each PCS.  You totally have to hang out with her!

Speaking of PCSing, it made the pre-PCS research process much easier.  Who lives or has lived at X?  What do I need to know?

And more on PCSing…our kids can stay connected to their friends no matter where they live!  Hey, Dad!  Can you send his mom a message on Facebook?

It created a network of support for EFMP military families.  Connecting the right people to the right resources and the right support.

It created a space and a voice for military families to engage in community-relevant political movements. #KeepYourPromise is still going strong, but remember #KetchupGate and #EndDOMA? 

It generated new, exciting, and flexible career opportunities for military spouses in social media, marketing, and small business.  Who doesn’t know Army Wife 101, USMC Life, Homefront United, or MilitaryOneClick?  Or <cough, cough> MSB New Media?

It provided a platform for military spouse entrepreneurs to launch their professional aspirations as  photographers, personal trainers, artisans, business consultants, authors, and financial educators just to name a few.  Military Spouse CEOs are everywhere and do anything you can imagine.

So, Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook!  We really do love you.

Note: We realize that we chose to focus on the positives of what a decade of Facebook has brought us and we’re not blind to a lot of the negativity that has come with the advent of the social media age like infidelity, bullying, and other alarming and important issues. 

What would you add to our list?  How has Facebook changed your military family’s life for the better (or the worse)?


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