Hot MilSpouse News: YMCA Memberships, Job Seeking, & Free Business Classes

1. Free memberships and respite care at YMCAs for military families during a deployment.

OCO (pronounced OH-koh) —the extra funding from Congress to help DoD finance the myriad resources necessary to fight the war in Afghanistan, including some family programs like free memberships and respite child care at many YMCAs for military families who don’t live near an installation (mostly Guard and Reserve)— ended last March.

Boo, right?

Here’s the good news being reported from the offices of Military Community & Family Policy: They extended this program. If you need access to these programs, please visit the YMCA Military Outreach page.  Program is slated to end in March 2015.

2. Need help prepping to find a job? Stop hunting and start SECO-ing!

DoD’s Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) is available to all military spouses. Whether looking to build a resume, refresh your interview skills, find that dream job, or if you are a younger spouse, looking to get a certificate that will help you get a particular job to bring in a little dough-re-mi, we are here for you.  More than 144,000 spouses have received some career assistance, more than 1.8 million jobs posted and (drum rollllll), almost 65,000 milspouses hired in 3 years.  BOO-yah.

Be part of the milspouse success story;

3. Are you ready to BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)? Before you get started, get your learn on first.

More and more veterans and their spouses are opting out of traditional work and opting into being their own bosses. With Boots to Business, sponsored by the SBA, you can take free online classes specifically developed to provide you with important knowledge to start your own business.

Learn more about Boots to Business here:


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