Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!


MilSpouse to MilSpouse the NextGen MilSpouse Team sends love, support, and strength to each and every one you!  Stronger together, always!

From MilSpouse to MilSpouse, I want you to know
I think you rock even when you think it doesn’t show.
We’re stronger together; you’re never alone
especially when your spouse is far from home.

You make it all happen each and every day, and
you make it look easy even when it’s not quite that way.

From MilSpouse to MilSpouse I want you to know
I think you’re special…don’t shake your head ‘no’.
So here’s a little token to show you I care.
And do pay it forward, it’s a beautiful thing to share.

We challenge you to find a military spouse you think that rocks and surprise her or him with a little something…maybe a coffee, flowers, or a special little treat.  Don’t forget to post up a pic to Twitter or Instagram and tag it with hashtag #milsorocks!

Are you following us on Instagram (@nextgenmilspouse) and Twitter (@nextgenmilso)?  Do it!


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