Episode 53: Just Say No

Jen Griswold shares her story of entrepreneurship in her new book


Do you want to start your own business? Jen Griswold of Mission Entrepreneur shares why her passion is empowering veterans and military spouses to become entrepreneurs. We also get the latest about Tricare from Amy and what’s happening in the military spouse world.

Jen Griswold shares her story of entrepreneurship in her new book "Mission Entrepreneur." We also talk upcoming Tricare changes.

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This Week’s Guest: Jen Griswold, Mission Entrepreneur

Jen Griswold is an Air Force veteran and successful entrepreneur. She leads the training, development and production of a team of over 9,000 cutting-edge entrepreneurs and co-founded Team G.i.V.e, a group who produces over $20M in skincare sales annually.

With several successful business ventures under her belt, Jen now pursues her passion to empower the military community to find fulfillment through entrepreneurship too. Jen’s approach is unique. She believes that service and giving are important to business ownership. Her motto is: LIVE. GIVE. SERVE. GROW.

Her new book Mission Entrepreneur shares how military spouses can create their own job. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NextGen MilSpouse Articles That Have Us Talking

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Amy Brings the News from Military.com

During tragedies, look for the helpers. These 5 veterans helped others in Las Vegas.

Tricare surprised us all by announcing a change to the out-of-pocket costs users will pay if they have Tricare Standard or Tricare Reserve Select.

Jessica Tells Us What We Missed on Social Media

Congrats to In Gear Career for Military Spouses for reaching an amazing milestone – 40 chapters around the world!

InDependent is giving away FREE VIP tickets to their Military Spouse Wellness Summit.

Are you ready to be spooked? Army Wife 101’s annual Haunted Base Tales have started and you don’t want to miss them. 

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