Episode 22: The Struggle Is Real

Happy Hour Podcast Episode 22: The Struggle Is Real

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When the struggle is real, there’s nothing better than sitting down with friends for NextGen MilSpouse’s Happy Hour Podcast! Jump in your jammies, pour a glass of your favorite bevvie, and join Adrianna, Jessica, Michelle, and Amy as we discuss things like losing our Hamilton Soundtrack v-card and stupid mistakes we’ve made as newbie military spouses.

This week we got to hang out with author and life coach Corie Weathers, LPC, to chat about a video she created to highlight how state licensing processes and policies impact military spouse professionals.

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 Happy Hour Podcast Episode 22: The Struggle Is RealEpisode 22: Podcast Notes

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Check out Corie’s insightful peek inside how the professional licensing struggle impacts military spouses:

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  1. Corie- I’m crying as I’m watching your post. I feel like you are explaining everything that I am feeling right now. Thank you for your honesty and for fighting so hard for those of us who feel so defeated and tired and who don’t have enough “fight” left inside to carry this banner. I’m studying for yet another test for licensure in yet another state that costs another fee and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg…


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