Episode 68: Eat All Of Your Feelings

This week on the Happy Hour we talk about how entrepreneurs and job hunters alike can utilize social media to reach their goals.
In episode 68, the Happy Hour crew is talking about how entrepreneurs can level up their social media game with the help of business coaches and how you can make your Facebook newsfeed more positive with the help of 3 little dots.

This week on the Happy Hour we talk about how entrepreneurs and job hunters alike can utilize social media to reach their goals.

This Week’s Guests: Jenny Hale, The Military Social Media Guru, and Lizann Lightfoot, SeasonedSpouse.com

This week we welcome Jenny Hale and Lizann Lightfoot to the Happy Hour!

Jenny is a marketing and social media coach consultant for military spouse and veteran business owners with military-themed businesses. Nicknamed “The Military Social Media Guru,” she uses her extensive background working with military non-profits, military-focused corporate companies, the Army, and as an entrepreneur to help others struggling to meet their business dreams. With the goal of bringing financial freedom to the military community, Jenny works to make an entrepreneur’s vision come to life. Connect with her on her website, Facebook page and group, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

One of those entrepreneur is Lizann. Lizann is a Marine wife, mom of 4 kids, and published author of the book Welcome to Rota: The Unofficial Guide to Getting Settled, and Enjoying the Culture, Food, and Travel Opportunities of Southern Spain. She blogs at The Seasoned Spouse, and she absolutely loves chocolate. Join her Deployment Challenge group and follow her on Facebook

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Amy Brings Us The News From Military.com

Second Lady Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, announced that her office will focus on military spouse issues. When and what? We’ll find out soon.

A mountain in Alaska has been named Gold Star Peak.

Jessica Tells Us What We Missed On Social Media

Tell InDependent what should be on their playlist for their upcoming Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Renew You.

Spousebuzz shared the love on Valentine’s Day with military engagement stores. Heart eyes, full hearts.

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  1. Deployment bingo cards would be awesome if the winning prize is a free spa day at a local spa with someone to watch your kids for free while you attend said spa day.


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