Episode 66: Best Mistake Ever

On Episode 66 of the Happy Hour, we learn about Everence, a new technology that puts your loved one's DNA into your tattoo.

On episode 66 of the Happy Hour we reminisce about our favorite Super Bowl memories and we learn about a new technology that puts your loved one’s DNA in your tattoo. The folks at Everence are veterans and military spouses — they know what it’s like to be separated from the people you love the most.

On Episode 66 of the Happy Hour, we learn about Everence, a new technology that puts your loved one's DNA into your tattoo.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Endeavor Life Sciences. All text and opinions are my own.

This Week’s Guests: Boyd Renner and Devon Gardner, Everence

Endeavor Life Sciences’s co-founder is Boyd Renner. a retired Navy SEAL. Endeavor Life Sciences recently launched Everence, a way to stay truly connected with the people who inspire you, utilizing patented technology to add DNA to a tattoo. Everence was developed by scientists and offered in partnership with over 25 leading tattoo artists from around the world.

Devon Gardner is a military spouse whose husband served 11 years in the Armed Forces. Introduced to Endeavor’s flagship product, Everence, through others in the military community, the product struck a chord with her. Seeing how Everence could help keep military families and friends closer despite distance and separation, she has used her decade worth of digital marketing experience to help bring awareness about it to the military community.

Learn more about Everence on their FAQs and connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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