Government Shutdown Financial Emergency Tool Kit for Military Families

7175133946_26ef268d47_zThe online military community is a-buzz with tons of fabulous articles and resources to help you prepare for the pending government shutdown.  Military Spouse Magazine’s Bianca Strzalkowski confirmed that USAA, Navy Federal, and Marine Federal Credit Union stand prepared to aid military members if the government shuts down.  Even if you do not currently keep your funds with any of these financial institutions, we encourage you to be proactive and contact your bank if you have any concerns.

Read Kara Schulte’s down and dirty summary of the latest developments concerning Government Shutdown 2013.

If you haven’t started preparing your finances for the shutdown, there’s no time like the present to get started.  Do read our article 5 Things You Can Do To Be Prepared for a Government Shutdown, Lila Quintillani provides some excellent steps everyone can take to guard their budgets.

What if I Have a Financial Emergency During the Government Shutdown?

In the event you find yourself and your finances in a bind, whatever you do, DO NOT SEEK A PAYDAY LOAN OR CASH ADVANCE!

Each branch of service has relief societies that are standing by to help military members and their families in the event of an emergency.  These organizations can provide support by way of interest free loans for qualifying emergencies. Bookmark this list just in case!

Closed image from bmills on Flickr via CC by 2.0


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