Get Your Career Groove Back (or on) With Stacy Swearengen!

398937_516577105051803_1854599420_nGet your career groove back (or on) during our very first webinar!  Join us on March 27th from 1pm to 2pm EST to connect with other career-minded milspouses looking to super charge their career outlook and career planning.

NextGen’s resident career coach, Stacy Swearengen of Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, will teach you the ropes to jump start your career or get your career moving in the direction you want!


What you’ll learn….

  • Job vs. Career…what’s the difference?
  • The 5 fatal career flaws most military spouses make
  • Why you shouldn’t get hung up on portability
  • Tools and tips to help you figure out what you REALLY want in a career
Register to Get Your Career Groove On With NextGen MilSpouse!



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