Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Forager Mike’s Superfoods

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Forager Mike's Superfoods

Editor’s Note: Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight is a Q&A designed to celebrate the successes and acknowledge the challenges of a military spouse entrepreneur.

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Forager Mike's SuperfoodsName: Filomena Spiese

Military Branch Affiliation: Marine Corps

Years as a Military Spouse: 35

Business Name: Forager Mike’s Superfoods

Year Established: 2009

Tell us about your business: The Staff Sergeant and the General’s wife – this unlikely partnership has produced DANG! good hot sauce.

Live simply. Enjoy fresh, locally harvested produce. Eat food that is healthy and healing.

Forager Mike’s was born with the desire to do just this. From a childhood in the Georgia hills to his eight years in the service to weekends spent discovering the mission trails in San Diego County, founder Michael Hanes has always found a deep connection with our earth.

Shortly after discovering the power of superfoods maca, spirulina, and mesquite, Mike connected the dots and figured out how to help other people enjoy eating good food. The key is mixing these superfoods with everyday meals and that is when Forager Mike’s was born.

Through the mission of Forager Mike’s Superfoods, Mike and Filomena hope to show people how to consume quality, tasty foods while teaching them how to sustainably live in a world with thousands of products.

What’s your biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur so far?

Building out a business plan and trying to manage emotion driven decisions. Managing my enthusiasm in a world where disappointment is a regular presence, as I seek to offer this unique product supported by a unique story.

On managing work and life – is it all about blending or all about balancing? Why?

For me it is balance. I tried blending at first, but things got confused and aspects of one somewhat deceived the other. I need the discipline to focus on the business as a business, and schedule it accordingly, and not deceive myself that some personal actions were advancing the business when they were not.

Tell us the one thing that makes your dual-working military family successful?

I am fortunate that our kids are grown, and the longer, established relationship with my spouse allows us to manage our lives more maturely. This would have been much harder with younger children, as much of the work is out of the house – the production and rolling site, shipping, visiting stores, etc.

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Forager Mike's Superfoods

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Leveraging military spouses taking advantage of military spouses bring to our marketplace, resiliency, creativity, toughness and adaptability.

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