10 Companies Offering Flexible Employment For Military Spouses

10 Companies Offering Flexible Employment For Military Spouses

The struggle is real, y’all! Just when you’ve found a great job, it’s time to PCS or everything goes up in deployment-induced flames.

Suddenly, you’re sacrificing your hard-earned career to help your spouse serve our country. Finding flexible employment can seem like the Holy Grail for military spouses.

10 Companies Offering Flexible Employment For Military Spouses

If you’re searching for a flexible job, check out these options for military spouses.

Comcast-NBC Universal

Ready to break into television and media? Comcast-NBC Universal has been named the top military friendly employer for 2017 for a reason. This company has committed to hiring at least 10,000 veterans and military spouses. Plus, there are options to take your job to part-time during deployment and the company will help you to find a job post-PCS, even if there isn’t a position in-house.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is committed to working with military spouses and veterans. They offer many flexible employment opportunities tailored to veterans, but also provide tons of support for military spouses too. When you PCS, your Wells Fargo job can move with you. They offer PCS-related relocation assistance to military spouses. Plus, there are even military spouse advisory boards to give employees a voice within the company.


This military-friendly employer is also committed to hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2018. With locations worldwide, moving within the Hilton brand is a distinct possibility. Plus, there are remote and work from home positions within the company. There is not a specific military spouse hiring or transfer program, but with the wide range of locations and virtual positions the opportunity looks promising.

Booz Allen Hamilton

As a veteran-founded company, Booz Allen Hamilton prides themselves on military hiring initiatives. There are programs in place to assist veterans and military spouses with the hiring process and options to move within the company due to PCS.


The leading online retailer is also hiring military spouses! There are options for spouses both for in-person and virtual positions. Some jobs do require a college degree, but there are also positions that are available to those with any level of education.


You’ve probably been seeing this all over Facebook and for good reason. VIPKID is a great opportunity for teachers and language pros to use their skills no matter where they are stationed. You can teach English or U.S. Common Core-based lessons to students in China from the comfort of your home. Teachers work as independent contractors and there is a range of earning potentials based on performance.


Worldwide101 is a premium virtual assistant company with team members in North America and Europe and they are looking to hire military spouses. If you are looking for flexible remote work in bookkeeping, project management, marketing or being a virtual assistant, you will want to connect with them.

Their marketing manager, a military spouse, told NextGen MilSpouse that Worldwide 101 is a wonderful company for military spouses when she was a guest on NextGen MilSpouse’s Happy Hour Podcast Episode 49. Click here to listen now.


American Express

AmEx was named one of the top 100 companies offering flexible employment. Military spouses can work in a wide variety of fields from finance to travel to customer service, all from the comfort of their own homes. There may be location or education requirements for some jobs, so be sure to read carefully before applying!


Want a sweet military-friendly job with your latte? Perfect!

Starbucks is committed to hiring military spouses and veterans. They even have locations that are fully staffed by military-connected employees! Plus, if you PCS, you have the option to transfer to a store in your new location.

U.S. Government Agencies

From ICE to NCIS to DoDEA and beyond, many military spouses have found portable careers with the federal government. Many federal agencies have a presence at military installations across the globe.

Military spouses can use a hiring preference claim to improve their odds. Be aware that using the hiring preference and even applying for federal positions will take work and dedication even before you land the interview. If this seems interesting, reach out to your on-base employment assistance program for help preparing your federal resume.

Still not finding something that sounds perfect for you?

Check out the Military Spouse Employment Partnership for almost endless job postings in all professionals and fields and at all education levels.



  1. Yay!!!! VIPKID is on here, I work for them and I love it! 🙂 They’re hiring now if anyone is interested. I can give you my referral code if you’d like to apply (or you can apply at the link below). It’s all online teaching, but you only have to have a bachelors degree to work for them (teaching degree is not required). It’s the best job ever, pay is $18-$22 per hour. I’m so glad that working remotely from home is becoming a big thing now, it makes it so much easier on milspouses who are PCSing.



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