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HBHL AdHealthy Body Healthy Life is a non-profit organization which began a little over a year ago at Maxwell Air Force Base.  Stemming from a wellness idea for military spouses scribbled on a napkin, HBHL started with a group of five women practicing yoga together and in less than a year grew to a community of over 100 members.  

Currently, HBHL has 13 certified instructors (all military spouses) worldwide and is growing larger each day.  We’ve got over 400 followers and are currently working with Big Army and Big Air Force to incorporate HBHL into wellness centers across bases and posts in the future.

Our goal is to foster the development of healthy military families.  To do that, HBHL focuses on three pillars:  Fitness, Nutrition, and Balanced Change.  We all know they are important, but they are difficult to prioritize within military life.   Let’s face it gyms are expensive and military families are stretched thin both personally and financially.  HBHL breaks down the barriers to offer individuals the tools, resources, and knowledge to optimize their overall wellness – fitting lifestyles and budgets.

How does HBHL work?

The HBHL website incorporates a weekly fitness/nutrition blog, online workouts, and healthy recipes – FOR FREE! Yep, that’s right.  We post a fitness class once a week via YouTube and host two free classes (where an instructor is available).  You don’t need any experience in working out or any expensive gear – just YOU!

We have a Dietitian and Nutritionist who blog new recipes, post nutrition information and answer nutrition questions posed by our HBHL members.  They also provide tips on introducing healthier options to your menu – many times while no one notices at the table!

We feel that the lifestyle changes for any military family start with the military spouse.  Seriously! We shop, cook and plan activities for the family (among the other twelve million things we do).   HBHL educates military spouses, helping them make small, maintainable, healthy lifestyle changes that can influence the family unit.

RECHARGE with Healthy Body, Healthy Life

We put it to the test last year as we introduced HBHL’s RECHARGE.  It’s a 21-day whole food cleanse based on Dr. Alejandro Junger’s book “Clean.”  No, there aren’t any weird concoctions or expensive supplements to buy – just whole foods.  After the 21-day RECHARGE we saw an UNBELIEVABLE improvement in our small group of 40 spouses – and their incredibly picky families.  Caffeine was swapped for smoothies, whole foods were found at the dinner table instead of processed take-out, and sugar-laden drinks were traded for water.  Through the RECHARGE process military spouses were healthy habit role models for their individual families.

Portable Job Opportunities with HBHL

What else does the program offer?  HBHL’s program has the additional benefits of employment opportunities for military spouses and a networked infrastructure in the unstable and stressful life of the military family.  It offers a built-in community of healthy military spouses, forming supportive friendships that mitigate some of the stresses of the constant moves associated with military life.

The most important thing HBHL does is start conversations about how to live healthier and be healthier.  Its different for everyone – HBHL just helps you make the right choices for your family.  It’s about making small lifestyle changes over time … within yourself, within your family and within your community.


Get Involved & Learn More About HBHL

How do you get involved?  Subscribe to the HBHL Facebook page and blog, donate, or find a class in your area.

To subscribe to the blog enter your email on the home page.

If you’re interested in becoming an HBHL Instructor  or HBHL Leader (or if you are already a fitness instructor and would like to volunteer with HBHL) send an email to: contact@healthybodyhealthylife.org for more information!



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