Resource Spotlight: Esposas Militares Hispanas USA Armed Forces

Editor’s Note: The monthly Resource Spotlight is an Q&A that provides information about nonprofit organizations who serve military spouses and their families. The purpose is to connect military spouses with available resources designed to help them thrive in military life.

esposas-militares-logoName of your organization: Esposas Militares Hispanas USA Armed Forces

What’s the history of your organization?

Esposas (os) Militares Hispanas USA began in December 2007. Janet Sanchez, originally from Puerto Rico and a military spouse for 20 years now, saw a need in the Hispanic Military Community and took the lead in such a great initiative. She has dedicated all these years to make sure that Hispanic Military Families are accounted for in the military community.

EMHUSA is a volunteer non-profit organization that helps military families with language barriers. We started with 10 members and as of today, we have more than 6,000 members all over the country and in military bases in other countries. EMHUSA has given us the chance of knowing and learning more in-depth about the military community and our Hispanic military families. We have had the pleasure to meet and help wonderful people and excellent military families that are stationed all over the world.

Every day a new family joins our military community, sometimes not knowing the upcoming or what’s in the future, more so if there is a language barrier. Knowing that our Hispanic military families are left behind in the military because of language barriers is unacceptable and we are here to fix the problem and to include our families in the community. It is very difficult to live with military rules and regulations that you do not know or understand because of a language barrier. Having to stay behind in a place where you know no one or no one speaks your language, and away from family and friends is not easy.

We have grown immensely and continue to grow. We encourage our families to volunteer, to learn English, we support them and help them in any way we can. Our volunteers make our job easier because they are very eager to help. We are the only organization that provides such services for our Hispanic military families.

Please describe the mission of EMHUSAOur mission and commitment is to:

  • Create awareness and provide information in Spanish to Hispanic military spouses about the military and benefits.
  • Refer and offer suggestions about organizations that provide support to military families in emergency and/or stress.
  • Provide list of resources where the military families can be informed and knowledgeable about services available.
  • Provide scholarships and financial assistance to our military families in need.
  • Provide support and advocacy for our military families with language barriers.

What services does your organization offer?

All our services are free of charge and we are a volunteer drive organization. We help with Translation Services, Employment, Support, Advocacy, Problem Solvers, Intermediaries, Counseling, Interactive Classes (webinars), Military Information, Benefits and Services information. Our services are different depending on what is the situation and what the military family needs.

What population(s) do you serve (spouses, veterans, children)? We serve all branches of the military, veterans, retirees and military children with language barriers.

How can our readers support your organization? A great support from readers can be following us in social media outlets, making donations to our organization and supporting our families. We would love to have financial support. One of our goals is to have a scholarship program for our spouses and children. We are always looking for volunteers for different events with other organizations and volunteers to translate material for our families.

Anything else our readers need to know? We are here for help and to serve our families. Our team is made up of military families. We understand, we believe and we provide a service needed for our families with language barriers in Spanish. In the near future we will be expanding to another languages.

For more information about EMHUSA connect with them through Facebook and Twitter.

Does your nonprofit organization serve military spouses? Are you looking to spread the word?

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