Episode 90: The Magic Of The Internet

This week's guest is Renee Floyd, CEO of American Oil Changers. Renee is an award-winning vetrepreneur and author of the book

This week we welcome Army veteran Renee Floyd, founder and CEO of American Oil Changers, to the Happy Hour. Renee is an award-winning vetrepreneur and author. Her book, “Dog Tags 2 Diamonds,” highlights the issues facing female service members. It was published in 2017.

Besides giving us this week’s commissary and Tricare news, Amy also tells us about the magic of the internet.

This week's guest is Renee Floyd, CEO of American Oil Changers. Renee is an award-winning vetrepreneur and author of the book "Dog Tags 2 Diamonds."

This Week’s Guest: Renee Floyd, author of “Dog Tags 2 Diamonds: Uncovering Our Beauty”

Renee Floyd is the founder and CEO of American Oil Changers. American Oil Changers is a mobile oil change service. In 2016 Renee was awarded the D’Aniello Family Award for Best Innovative Venture and finalist for the 2016 Woman Vetrepreneur of the Year.

In 2017, Renee published her book, “Dog Tags 2 Diamonds: Uncovering Our Beauty“, along with five other female veterans. “Dog Tags 2 Diamonds” tells the journey of six female veterans as they entered the military and why they choose to or were forced to get out. Spousal abuse, obesity, rejection, death, dysfunctional families and in some cases, humiliation is encountered.

However, the one common string that held them together was their dedication and commitment to serve their country.

This week's guest is Renee Floyd, CEO of American Oil Changers. Renee is an award-winning vetrepreneur and author of the book "Dog Tags 2 Diamonds."

Renee is a 2007 Army retired disabled veteran business owner and a combat veteran of Operation Restore Hope, Somalia and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Baghdad. Renee is the recipient of numerous awards for her 21 years of service with the Bronze Star being the most prestigious award received.

Happy Hour listeners can connect with Renee on Facebook and Instagram. “Dog Tags 2 Diamonds” is available for purchase on Amazon.

Note: NextGen MilSpouse is an Amazon affiliate. If you purchase “Dog Tags 2 Diamonds” through our link, we earn a little money. For more information about how affiliate links work, visit our Privacy Policy Page.

NextGen MilSpouse Posts That Have Us Talking

This week’s Military Spouse Who Works It is Sherry Kellogg. Sherry is a Global Study Manager who telecommutes from her home office. She calls her job a miracle because in her industry, home-based positions are insanely competitive and even more difficult for military spouses to land.

She was about to give up on her dream of a remote position when her husband vowed to help her land a job. He revamped her resume to make it read more like a service member’s eval. Five applications later, Sherry landed this home-based job that perfectly aligns with her education and level of experience.

What’s the lesson? Use all of your resources for resume help…even your service member.

Amy Brings Us The News From Military.com

Remember when we told you Military OneSource was going to be available for a full year after transitioning out of the military? Well, that’s now a thing.

Back in January, we talked about how the Pentagon was going to do this. Then the measure got added to the National Defense Authorization Act so it could become law. In the meantime, the DoD never got around to getting it started. Now that the NDAA as we call it has become law – dare I say it…thanks Trump?

Most of us aren’t retirees and won’t be anytime soon, but in case you are – take a second and look into what’s going on with the Tricare retiree dental plan. As in, they are getting rid of it.

Still want dental? You need to sign up for a program known as FEDVIP.

A group of military families has asked the DoD Inspector General to take a hard look at the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and whether or not the Defense Department is, ya know, obeying the law and running the program like they’re supposed to.

Spoiler alert: the EFMP families say the DoD is not doing that.

The robots are taking over. Exchange officials told Stars and Stripes that they’re looking at adding the technology used at Amazon Go stores to their facilities. Commissary officials told Stars and Stripes they are also looking to add a technology that would allow you to scan your groceries as you shop and then pay with a smartphone app rather than rescan everything with a cashier.

To that news Amy says

“Call me when you have chicken in stock consistently and then we’ll talk.”

What’s Trending On Social Media

Alicia in the Happy Hour Facebook group told us that she picked up September’s Reader’s Digest in her BX in England and what did she read…oh it was Jessica’s post about the “real reasons we married our service members.” You know the one about doing math to figure out when 1800 is and love much we LOVE green socks. Missed that hilarious post? Here it is.

Thanks Alicia for the Reader’s Digest alert. Both Michelle and Jessica are now proud owners of September’s issue.

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