Episode 89: She’s Not Going to Cry

In episode 89, we say “see ya later” to Jessica who is starting a new job. We reminisce about our favorite podcast moments with Jessica and of course, catch up on the news and what we know because we are military spouses.

The Happy Hour Says Goodbye To Jessica

Jessica has been the social media manager for NextGen MilSpouse for over 2 years but she landed a new full-time job and is leaving NextGen and the podcast. *cue tears*

We celebrate our favorite podcast moments with Jessica (her first episode was episode 16) and her favorite articles she’s written over 3 years of contributing to our site, starting with a post about the 2016 election.

She’s also written about the real reasons why we marry our service members, the stages of deployments, when you say goodbye to your favorite duty station, turning your PCS into a vacation, why she doesn’t feed her movers and why she loves daycare as a working mom.

And of course our favorite podcast moments, like Jessica’s sarcastic use of the word fun, taco chips and Katy Perry.

Amy Brings Us The News From Military.com

MyCAA’s website is fixed!

Mark Wahlberg’s wicked good burger restaurant Wahlburger’s is coming to JBLM.


“Eat Mor Chikin!” There is a petition to get Chick-Fil-A on military installations.

Could hard alcohol be coming to the commissary next? Only a study will tell us.

Jessica Tells Us What’s Trending On Social Media

Military Family Advocacy Network celebrated their 5th anniversary with an epic weekend.

A new portrait exhibit in England highlights military spouses.

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