Episode 86: That Was Nurse Fun

This week's guest tells us when we can save time by seeking treatment at urgent care instead of the ER. This episode is sponsored by MedExpress Urgent Care.

This episode of the Happy Hour podcast is brought to you by MedExpress Urgent Care

On this week’s episode we quiz our guest on medical situations and whether we should go to urgent care or the ER when faced with these ailments. We also talk “news” without Amy, which let’s be honest, isn’t as awesome as when Amy brings us the news.

This week's guest tells us when we can save time by seeking treatment at urgent care instead of the ER. This episode is sponsored by MedExpress Urgent Care.

This Week’s Guest: Jhonni Jones, MedExpress Urgent Care

Jhonni Jones is a registered nurse at MedExpress. She has more than 15 years of clinical and administrative experience in emergency department, urgent care and hospice settings.

MedExpress Urgent Care, a neighborhood medical provider with 250 centers in 19 states, cares for people of all ages, providing urgent care, employer health services, and basic wellness and prevention services. MedExpress accepts all major insurance plans, including Tricare. Centers are open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with no appointment necessary.

As of January 1, 2018, Tricare Prime enrollees no longer need a referral for urgent care visits. This change replaces the previous policy, which waived referrals for the first two urgent care visits per year.

If you use Tricare Select or any other Tricare plan, you may visit any Tricare-authorized provider.

Urgent care is care you need for a non-emergency illness or injury requiring treatment within 24 hours. Examples of urgent care conditions include a sprain, rising temperature or sore throat. It isn’t an emergency and doesn’t threaten life, limb or eyesight.

Click here to find a MedExpress Urgent Care facility near you.

NextGen MilSpouse Posts That Have Us Talking

Meg tells us how liberal leaning military spouses can find their tribe.

Elizabeth was worried about leaving journalism, but she found the perfect job with the Army.

Military spouses accomplish A LOT during deployment.

Amy Brings Us The News From Military.com

This unicorn floatie was lost at sea. Is it yours?

Jessica Tells Us What’s Trending On Social Media

People love talking about commissary baggers.

MSJDN announced that Florida just adopted military spouse rules for attorneys.

This quote from our Military Spouse Who Works It Ashley Metesh-McCoy is a mic drop.

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