Episode 84: Meet For Tacos

Justine Evirs, founder of The Paradigm Switch, tells us all about how they are disrupting the military spouse employment space.

We welcome Justine Evirs, founder of The Paradigm Switch, which is focused on military spouse employment through community and scholarships in fields that are highly sought after. We also get breaking news from Amy about which commissaries are starting to sell beer and wine. Justine Evirs, founder of The Paradigm Switch, tells us all about how they are disrupting the military spouse employment space.

This Week’s Guest: Justine Evirs, The Paradigm Switch

When Justine joined the Navy, her plan was to make a career out of it. Her early medical discharge, however, forced her back to square one. She ended up in college to study business then spent numerous years in higher education and veteran services. Justine is now a mother of three, military spouse, prominent leader and disrupter in the entrepreneurial and veteran and military spouse communities.

The Paradigm Switch, a nonprofit founded by Justine in 2017, originally provided veterans and military spouses access to prestigious certifications and vocational skills-based programs.

Fast forward to today, The Paradigm Switch has relaunched and is putting military spouses first.

Justine is building a global digital community for military spouses by military spouses, offering a full spectrum of resources that enable spouses to unleash their unlimited potential both personally and professionally. The Paradigm Switch discovers and provides access to career resources, education opportunities, and communities that promote remote work, entrepreneurship and freelance work.

Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

NextGen MilSpouse Posts That Have Us Talking

Jen got her job with a little bit of luck, experience and support from AMPLIFY. There are two more AMPLIFY sessions in 2018, apply today.

Sometimes it’s good to not just be in military-centric Facebook groups.

Speaking of Facebook groups, we love and hate them. We know you do too.

Amy Brings Us The News From Military.com

Amy changed her morning plans to share breaking news – where to find beer and wine at commissaries come July.

Jessica Tells Us What’s Trending On Social Media

No, we didn’t know what we were getting into, you didn’t either.

Hiring Our Heroes had a MAJOR announcement.

We reached 15,000 likes on Facebook!

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