Episode 69: What Didn’t I Do?

Melissa Rogers, owner of Modified by Melissa, tells Happy Hour listeners why she created her professional organizing business.
This week we talk about what led Melissa Rogers to create her own professional organizing business and ask her when can she come to our houses? We also catch up on the latest military spouse news with Amy and what’s new on NextGen MilSpouse.
Melissa Rogers, owner of Modified by Melissa, tells Happy Hour listeners why she created her professional organizing business.

This Week’s Guest: Melissa Rogers, Modified by Melissa

Melissa Rogers, owner and creator of Modified by Melissa joins us to talk about why we could all use some decluttering. Ever since Melissa was a child, she’s loved putting things in order. When she became a military spouse, she learned that organizational skills are essential to creating a smooth move and removing unnecessary stress caused by clutter.

Melissa’s passion is to help de-clutter and organize the lives of her clients, whether it be in their homes or in their lives. Her philosophy is, if it doesn’t make sense, modify it!

Connect with Melissa on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

NextGen MilSpouse Articles That Have Us Talking

I Feel Like I’m At A Theme Park With People From Around The World

Fewer PCSes in Our Future? DoD Says ‘Maybe’

Military Spouse Employment: What About After You’re Hired?

Amy Brings Us The News From Military.com

Why do military members qualify for food stamps? Amy explains. Oh, also she was on NPR, NBD.

Pregnancy will NOT be a reason that you can switch between Tricare Prime and Select starting in 2019. So if you’re thinking 2019 is a great year to have a baby, plan accordingly when it comes to your Tricare coverage.


Hiring Our Heroes launched its first Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zone in San Antonio, Texas.

Jessica Tells Us What We Missed On Social Media

We’re killing it at work right now. Our house? A HOT MESS.

Jessica attended Veteran EDGE in Austin, Texas, and live tweeted highlights.

Lindsay Dickey shares her story of being denied employment  and how she got justice. 

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