Episode 67: Have I Taught You Nothing

We tackle military spouse employment this week on the Happy Hour with T.T. Robinson as she tells us all about Senator Tim Kaine’s newly introduced Military Spouse Employment Act of 2018. It’s also time for the Olympics AND Jessica’s birthday – celebrations all around.

Military Family Advisory Network advisor T.T. Robinson tells us about Senator Tim Kaine's newly introduced Military Spouse Employment Act of 2018.

This Week’s Guest: T.T. Robinson, Advisor for the Military Family Advisory Network

T.T. Robinson is a Navy spouse, an advisor for the Military Family Advisory Network, Military Spouse of the Year candidate and NextGen MilSpouse’s political correspondent. She recently spoke at an event with Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as he introduced the Military Spouse Employment Act of 2018. On this episode, T.T. gives Happy Hour listeners a rundown of the legislation and the issues it hopes to tackle.

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New legislation around military spouse unemployment orders A LOT of studies. All the studies in fact.

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Jessica Tells Us What We Missed On Social Media

Voting for Military Spouse of the Year is underway – who are you voting for? We can’t decide because they are all amazing and our friends.

What’s it really like to be at the State of the Union? Lakesha Cole gave MilitaryOneClick the inside scoop.

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