Episode 54: Then We PCSed

Educator Meg Flanagan comes to the Happy Hour to talk about her book,


Educator Meg Flanagan comes to the Happy Hour to talk about her new book, “Talk to the Teacher,” all about how to be the best advocate for your military child. We also talk about celebrating fall when it feels like summer and practice saying no.

Educator Meg Flanagan comes to the Happy Hour to talk about her book, "Talk to the Teacher." We also brainstorm Halloween costume ideas with Jessica.

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This Week’s Guest: Meg Flanagan, MilKids Ed

Meg is a teacher, blogger, freelance writer, author and military spouse. Her professional journey is familiar to all of us. She pivoted her career to continue working no matter where the Marine Corps sent her family. Her book, “Talk to the Teacher,” will help you be the best advocate for your military child.

Connect with Meg on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to get tips and the latest free resources designed just with the military spouse in mind.

NextGen MilSpouse Articles That Have Us Talking

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Amy Brings the News from Military.com

Military Star cards – not just for the Exchange, it is now accepted at the commissary.

A new Army study looks at abuse and neglect of children before and after deployments.

Jessica Tells Us What We Missed on Social Media

Annette Maldonado brought us AUSA and VWISE Ignite via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You won’t want to miss these live videos.

We at NextGen MilSpouse are taking a pledge. We vow to stop sharing articles that shame military spouses for what they wear to a military ball. A new opinion piece on MilitaryOneClick tackles why we should all stop judging.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Because Jessica needs inspiration.

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