Episode 5: Did You Say Tinder?

Find out why we’re grateful we don’t know how to use Tinder and why it’s your American duty to watch the 50th Super Bowl this weekend!

In episode 5 of our Happy Hour Podcast, we’re welcoming the ever awesome Jo from Jo,MyGosh! to tell us why it’s so important to make time and room in our budget for date night. And of course, we have Military.com‘s SpouseBuzz Editor, Amy Bushatz, bringing us a TON of newsy news this week.

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NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Episode 5 Notes

NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Episode 5

What’s New on NextGen:

Military Community News:

  • 2016 budget proposal includes 1.6% pay raise for service members
  • Family-friendly benefits announced by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter
    • Increase in maternity leave (and maybe paternity leave)
    • Increase in child development center hours
    • Mothers rooms for breastfeeding mamas

Binge, Save (new!), Splurge of the Week:

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  • Binge on this: Super Bowl ads…because Super What? I’m here for the food.
  • Save on this:  Hello Fresh…and we even got you a coupon for $35 off your first box! Use code NGMSHappyHour when you check out!
  • Splurge on this: Date night

52 Week Challenge Goal Week 5: Create a Date Night Schedule and Budget 



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