Episode 46: Old Lady Mangoes

On this week's Happy Hour we catch up on Military Spouse Appreciation week and talk about charitable actions with Carmen of Aina Giving.


This week Carmen Westbrook from Aina Giving swings by the Happy Hour to talk about how easy it is to have a global impact, and even get your kids involved! We also talk highlights from Military Spouse Week in D.C. and Amy’s favorite topics – Tricare and the commissary.

On this week's Happy Hour we catch up on Military Spouse Appreciation week and talk about charitable actions with Carmen of Aina Giving.

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This Week’s Happy Hour Guest: Carmen Westbrook, Aina Giving

This week’s guest is Carmen Westbrook from Aina Giving. Carmen cofounded Aina Giving with fellow milspouse Kristin when she was looking for ways to volunteer her time for global causes.

Enter Aina, they vet nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations from around the world; then they partner with them so that anyone can do a simple activity to provide them support, such as making no sew blankets or stuffing pencil pouches. They’ve even created activities designed for summer playdates because as working moms, they get that summer is hard.

You can connect with Aina Giving through their website, Facebook page and Facebook group.

What We’re Talking About on NextGen MilSpouse

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