Episode 35: Taya Kyle Is a Hufflepuff

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Ep 35- Happy Hour Podcast

Episode 35 Happy Hour Podcast Notes

The NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour podcast crew was honored to have Taya Kyle of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation join us to talk about taking care of yourself and your military marriage.

Our Guest: Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is based on the Kyle’s values of God, Country and Family. The foundation is unique in its work to strengthen military and first responder marriages so the family unit not only survives, but thrives while they serve.

Taya Kyle is a mother, New York Times bestselling author, a Fox News Contributor and a public speaker taking her philosophy of the “ripple effect” to millions of people across the United States.

How does the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation help military spouses?

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation’s programs focus on military and first responder marriages. Their programs include Date Night Out, Revitalization Retreats and Empowered Spouses Retreats. Learn more about each of these programs on their website.

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