Episode 33: No Offense to Any Lindas Listening

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Episode 33 Happy Hour Podcast Notes

Join the NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast crew as ask the ever important question, “Where the heck did Amy go?” and welcome our two new bffs, Brooke and Jessica of edge co-working in rural Clovis, New Mexico, not be confused with metropolitan Clovis, New Mexico. Yep, it’s an inside joke. We told you. B-friggen-eff-effs.

Our Guests: MilSpouse Entrepreneurs Brooke Barnes and Jessica Johnson of edge co-working

What is edge co-working?

edge co-working is a collective of empowered members who do they work they are meant to do and grow their skills no matter how remote their current duty station.

a co-working membership gives you the freedom of working from home, the facilities of a real office, plus a social atmosphere and sense of community.

Just look at their Hustle Lounge…


hustle lounge
Does it get any cooler than this? Sign us up, edge! We plan on acquiring this Hustle wall hanging. They told us their secret…RedBubble.com. And the couch? Wayfair.

And a little extra from BB and JJ…

Yes…they have nicknames. We gave them to them. If you are interested in starting a co-work space near you, make sure you visit your local small business development center (you can find yours here) and feel free to reach out the Jessica and Brooke via email or phone. Yeah, they’re generous like that:

The Bottom line on edge co-working in Clovis, New Mexico

If you get orders to Clovis, New Mexico (here’s looking at you, Air Force Spouses) edge is a must-be location as you get settled and get to work. Hit them up on Facebook and Instagram…and you can visit them at their website too.

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