Episode 31: Nobody Asked You, Amy


NextGen MilSpouse’s Happy Hour Podcast is the official podcast of NextGenMilSpouse.com. We offer a fresh and modern take on military life for today’s military spouse. From navigating your career to surviving your next move, NextGen MilSpouse has you covered.

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Episode 31 Happy Hour Podcast Notes

This is the last episode of the Happy Hour Podcast until 2017 and we have got A LOT to cover in this episode!

Join Adrianna, Founder of NextGen, Michelle Volkmann Editor of NextGen,  and Jessica Hall, NextGen’s social media manager and Amy Bushatz, Spouse and Family Editor at Military.com.

Our guest for this episode is Krystel Spell, the creator of ArmyWife101.com. Known and loved for her brand of honesty when it comes to talking about military life, Krystel is shares everything and anything military spouses need to know about surviving and laughing through the ups and downs of military life.

Army Wife 101’s Must Have Holiday Gift Guide

Make sure you’re watching Army Wife 101 for the release of their 2016 Holiday Gift Guide featuring products from military spouses, veterans, and companies that support the military community. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through her website to snag the guide on November 22, 2016.

Amy Brings You News from Military.com

What We’re Talking About on NextGen MilSpouse


Jessica’s Social Media Roundup




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