Episode 29: Glitches Get Stitches


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NextEpisode 29 Podcast Notes

Glitches get stitches, you know what we mean? Glitches are plaguing the NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour thanks to some not-so-amusing changes and updates with Google Hangouts and YouTube, the platforms we use to bring together the NextGen military spouse powered podcast team for each episode of our Happy Hour.

We lost Episode 28 and the first 10-15 minutes of this week’s episode, so on one hand, things are improving since the total loss of Episode 28, but it’s not all better yet.

We want to give a quick shout-out to Elizabeth Boardman of the MilSpo Project (last week’s missing interview) and this week’s guest, Patricia Mathison, the Spouse Club Whisperer for the 21st century. We’re hoping to get both of these powerhouse women back for future episodes of the podcast very soon.

As the famous saying goes, the show must go on and so must the Happy Hour Podcast.

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