Episode 27: Shut Up, Everybody


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Episode 27 Podcast Notes

Join NextGen MilSpouse’s Adrianna Lupher, Michelle Volkmann, Jessica Hall, and Amy Bushatz, Spouse and Family Editor at Military.com. This week we got to hang out with 2 bad-ass mamas/professionals, Dee Anna McPherson and Nicole Hempeck from mom.life, the app for modern moms!

What Military Spouses Need to Know About mom.life


mom.life is a free mobile app where modern moms meet, chat, support each other and tap the parenting wisdom of the community. The live-moderated community fosters a supportive environment that respects and celebrates the authentic and individual parenting decisions that moms make every day. Mom.life features a social network feed, group chat, dedicated groups for special interests and parenting content. Connect with mom.life on their blog, InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!

Download it now on iTunes or Google Play.

The News Round-Up from Amy & Military.com

NextGen MilSpouse Articles that Have Us Talking


Social Media Round-Up Courtesy of Sheriff Jessica



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