Episode 23: When’s Lunch?


NextGen MilSpouse’s Happy Hour Podcast is the official podcast of NextGenMilSpouse.com. We offer a fresh and modern take on military life for today’s Military Spouse. From navigating your career to surviving your next move, NextGen MilSpouse has you covered. Our news and current events are brought to you by our friends at Military.com. Make sure you never miss a show or a story by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes or GooglePlay and by signing up for the NextGen MilSpouse Newsletter at NextGenMilSpouse.com. 

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Episode 23 Podcast Notes

Join Adrianna, Michelle, Jessica, Amy, and our special guest Michele Bradfield of inDependent as we chat about the current events, trending news, and the latest chatter on NextGen MilSpouse!

September 2016 Events

October 2016 Events

Military Community News from Military.com & SpouseBuzz

The Latest on NextGenMilSpouse.com



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